This video is a MUST WATCH.


This is serious, y’all.


This nominee for Secretary of Education is opposed to public education. Every single educator and parent should be upset about this.


This is not a dig at Trump. If you like him, support him, and voted, you should still be upset about this nominee. If you like him, support him, and voted for him, you should be holding his feet to the fire to do what is best for the country. No one, not even him, should be elected and then forgotten. It is our job to continue to set elected officials on the right path. Our government was not set up so that we just elect people and that’s it. We are supposed to be electing them and continuing to stay in communication with them. That is how they can best represent us.


So, start calling your senators and making noise about this nominee. She cannot do this job. She will destroy your public schools.

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