5 Minute Power Speeches – “Ideas for Inspiration & Change”


Because these are prepared remarks by the speakers, I will not try to provide an abbreviation of words and pauses specifically chosen for effect.  I have chosen a couple of “golden lines’ for each- standout quotes. Video of the full panel will be made available by Representative Hughes after the conference is over.  TEACHERS OF […]


Everyday Advocate: Mayor Jason Shelton


The Mississippi Education Blog recognizes that education advocacy is important in securing the best future possible for our state and is proud to honor individuals for their education advocacy efforts. Jason Shelton is the mayor of Tupelo. He has long been outspoken in his support of Mississippi’s public education system. A lifelong resident of the City […]


Everyday Advocate: Darein Spann


The Mississippi Education Blog is thankful for public school advocates today, on Thanksgiving, and every single day of the year. Darein Spann is a Mississippi educator.  He has been a long-time advocate for Mississippi’s public schools. He is a member of the Mississippi Association of Educators and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Education […]