Koonlaba: Mississippi, What do you think you are doing?


I’ve just read the most depressing article this morning from back in the spring about Detroit’s schools. It tells about how much some families struggle to get their children to school in a place where school choice policy has run rampant for many years. I can’t imagine having to do any of the things described in […]


Loudermouth: Bryant outlines plan to have public school teachers exterminated


Filed under Satire, for some reason. By Jackson Loudermouth, Reporter for MSEdBlog Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, fresh off signing into law the controversial “religious freedom” bill HB 1523, turned his cross hairs from the LGBT community to the public school system. “We’ve got to do something about the teachers, ok?” Bryant said to the media […]


Hughes: MS Education Campaign Promises: Fiction vs. Reality


By Representative Jay Hughes, special to the blog MS Education Campaign Promises: Fiction vs. Reality: (Disclaimer: Independent thoughts and opinions follow) FICTION: During the battle over Initiative 42 vs. 42A, the incumbent politicians and majority leadership claimed: “We are for public education – We just don’t want “a single judge in Hinds County” telling us […]


Thinking Conservative: It’s A Wonderful Life, School Choice, & Sticking Together

GEORGE: Joe, you lived in one of his houses, didn’t you? Well, have you forgotten? Have you forgotten what he charged you for that broken-down shack? Here, Ed. You know, you remember last year when things weren’t going so well, and you couldn’t make your payments. You didn’t lose your house, did you? Do you […]


Comans: With rally, MS school choice seeks to hide its shadowy roots


This Tuesday, as part of “School Choice Week,” Empower Mississippi has organized a rally in Jackson to promote awareness of its chief cause- bringing vouchers and charter schools to our state. MS Ed Blogger Amanda Koonlaba has written about the movement previously, here and here. The pros and cons of school choice should be discussed […]


DAILY JOURNAL: OUR OPINION: Superintendents’ decision reality of political climate


The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents, a strong and consistent supporter of fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program formula, has been forced to recalculate its approach to securing education funding mainly because of the political climate created in Jackson. The association, comprised of the 144 district superintendents statewide, is historically a high-profile advocate for […]