Koonlaba: What do you think about teacher frustration and teacher voice?

11164757_10206497932583916_3464456028614437679_n3-Step Method to Increase Teacher Voice, posted on Edutopia on June 9 by Anne O’Brien claims that America’s teachers are frustrated. She explains that the frustration stems from systemic challenges that stand in the way of teaching.

Now, here’s where the post gets interesting to me. She puts forth a three-step method (originating from some fancy education think tanks) for educational leaders can take to ensure they are listening to teacher voice. The three steps are: Listen, Learn, Lead.

As I read this post, I was somewhat baffled by what I took to be an oversimplification of teacher voice. Of course, it made me begin to wonder what other educators might think about the concept. So, I am posting this week to ask:

What do you think about frustration and teacher voice?

Be honest. I know you have something to say on this topic!

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Amanda Koonlaba is an elementary art teacher in Tupelo, MS. She is a contributor to MSEdBlog. Her views are her own and do not represent the views of any other entity.

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