Koonlaba: Mississippi, What do you think you are doing?


I’ve just read the most depressing article this morning from back in the spring about Detroit’s schools. It tells about how much some families struggle to get their children to school in a place where school choice policy has run rampant for many years. I can’t imagine having to do any of the things described in […]


Yet Another Reason Mississippi Teachers are Leaving


By James Comans, Editor at MSEdBlog I want to tell you about a Mississippi teacher. I’ll call her Hannah. Hannah is a middle school language arts teacher from central Mississippi. She’s flat out brilliant. I remember when I first met her, we were in this little conference room building in Starkville- basically a shed next to […]


DAILY JOURNAL: Video games used to encourage reading

Miss New South Hannah Whitlock of Pontotoc spends some time reading books to a class at the Haven Acres Boys & Girls Club as part of a project she is working on to get children to read more books.

By William Moore Daily Journal TUPELO – By reading more books, members of one Tupelo Boys & Girls Club will get to play more video games. The Haven Acres clubhouse will be participating in “Game on for Literacy,” the platform of Miss New South Hannah Whitlock, who will compete for Miss Mississippi this June. She […]


THE ATLANTIC: Punching Above Their Weight in Mississippi


A treat for Mississippi readers: The work of MSMS students in Columbus has been featured in The Atlantic, a national literary and cultural magazine with over 400,000 subscribers.   Mississippi schools come in #49 in many national rankings. Read these essays and poems by high school students from Columbus, Mississippi. Then tell the folks who […]


JACKSON FREE PRESS: ‘No Data’ Showing Appointing Superintendents Helps Achievement

“No data” backs the idea that appointing school superintendents rather than electing them will actually raise test scores or improve achievement in the state’s public schools, the author of the legislation said today in the Mississippi Senate. Still, the full Senate passed the bill Sen. Gray Tollison, R-Oxford, authored this morning, 40-9. Mississippi has more […]


AP: Senate Panel Seeks Appointed Local School Superintendents


JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi lawmakers are making a fresh push to have 55 elected local school superintendents appointed by school boards instead, with the Senate Education Committee approving such a bill Wednesday. Only Democrat J.P. Wilemon, of Belmont, and Angela Hill, R-Picayune, opposed Senate Bill 2438 on a voice vote. It now moves to […]