Loudermouth: Bryant outlines plan to have public school teachers exterminated


Filed under Satire, for some reason. By Jackson Loudermouth, Reporter for MSEdBlog Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, fresh off signing into law the controversial “religious freedom” bill HB 1523, turned his cross hairs from the LGBT community to the public school system. “We’ve got to do something about the teachers, ok?” Bryant said to the media […]


Hughes: MS Education Campaign Promises: Fiction vs. Reality


By Representative Jay Hughes, special to the blog MS Education Campaign Promises: Fiction vs. Reality: (Disclaimer: Independent thoughts and opinions follow) FICTION: During the battle over Initiative 42 vs. 42A, the incumbent politicians and majority leadership claimed: “We are for public education – We just don’t want “a single judge in Hinds County” telling us […]


Yet Another Reason Mississippi Teachers are Leaving


By James Comans, Editor at MSEdBlog I want to tell you about a Mississippi teacher. I’ll call her Hannah. Hannah is a middle school language arts teacher from central Mississippi. She’s flat out brilliant. I remember when I first met her, we were in this little conference room building in Starkville- basically a shed next to […]


Let’s Tackle Testing: 3 reasons to read Todd Farley’s “Making the Grades”


By James Comans Standardized testing is a huge issue in American education today. Big Testing companies are so heavily involved in influencing policy that sooner or later, Mississippi parents, educators, and lawmakers will have to discuss it. For real. Right now, we’re fighting over funding for our schools, but eventually, we’re going to have to talk […]


Comans: ‘Improve the Economy gate’ bar raised

Red onion on white. This file includes clipping path.

By James Comans, with all deference to Geoff Pender’s column ‘Third-grade gate’ bar raised; certified teachers get boost.” A bill the House Quality Assurance Committee passed Tuesday would again raise the bar for Mississippi legislators, requiring higher economy test scores starting in 2019 before they can be promoted to a second term. The Mississippi Results-Based […]